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Sensor Urinal Flusher 1011

Stainless Steel body construction. Very stable solenoid valve with a life of more than 500,000 times. Battery life is more than 1 year. High-quality valve and sensor.

  • Touch-free usage to eliminate cross-contamination.

  • Easy to install and maintain - external wall mounting.

  • International advanced electronic technology with high sensitivity and stability.

  • Water-saving program.

  • Ideal for replacements and retrofitting of most makes.

  • Solenoid valve shut off automatically when battery is weak.

  • Odour protection: Flushes automatically every 24 hours to maintain water level in traps

  1. S.S. 304 Construction.

  2. Brass Valve body does not adhere to scale & salts.

  3. Modular single component design.

  4. Easy to change batteries without dismantling.

  5. Flow control cum shutoff valve provided for wall-mounted units.

  6. Easily convert existing manual flushers to sensor operated.

  7. 1x24 hr Auto flush, to fill dry drain traps to prevent ingress of drain odors.

  1. Power Supply: DC 6V (4x1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery)

  2. Battery Life: 1 year (150 operations per day)

  3. Sensing Range: 30 to 65 cm

  4. Applicable Water Pressure: 0.05-0.8 Mpa (8 PSI - 120 PSI)

  5. Water Inlet/Outlet Pipe Dia. G 1/2"

  6. Recognition Time: > 4s

  7. Mounting: External

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