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Automatic Urinal Flush 11 x 11

All the controls are inbuilt in the faucet body. Very stable solenoid valve with a life of more than 500,000 times. Battery life is more than 1 year. High-quality Stainless Steel parts with a high-quality Brass valve body.

  • Electronic faucet. Touch-free usage to eliminate cross-contamination.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

  • International advanced electronic technology with high sensitivity and stability.

  • The sensor is in the spout to suit the user's habits.

  • Modular Design, Ease in changing batteries, Robust construction, and easy to change Sensing Distance.

  • The solenoid valve shuts off automatically when the battery is weak.

  • Cleaning protection: Flow flush automatically exceeds 24 hours if not in use.

  • Water-saving protection: Flow stops automatically when any obstruction is in front of the sensor for more than 45 seconds.

  1. S.S. 304 Construction with pillar mount provided.

  2. Brass Valve body does not adhere to scale & salts.

  3. Modular single component design.

  4. No cables & Additional pipes.

  5. Battery life: 100,000 operations.

  6. Easy to change batteries without dismantling.

  1. Power Supply: DC 6V (4x1.5V AA Alkaline Battery)

  2. Battery Life:1 year (150 operations per day)

  3. Sensing Range: 5 - 15 cm

  4. Applicable Water Pressure: 0.05-0.8 Mpa (8 PSI - 120 PSI)

  5. Water Inlet/Outlet Pipe Dia. G 1/2"

  6. Applicable Water Temperature: 9 - 65 ℃

  7. Recognition Time: ≤1s

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