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Automatic Twilight Switch - ATS 900

A convenient and practical product that can turn lights On or Off automatically according to ambient light. Ambient temperature and humidity does not effect its performance. It helps save electricity as it works only at night. Useful for street lights, garden lights, sign boards, fountain lights, gate lights, etc.

  1. With the best quality and Original components for the automatic circuit.

  2. Uses a high-quality waterproof sensor module.

  3. Single-shot ON-OFF operation.

  4. No flickering at the load side.

  5. Heavy duty and long life circuit.

  6. Fit and Forget module.

  1. Power Supply: 220V-240V AC

  2. Power Frequency: 50 Hz

  3. Rated Current: 10 A

  4. Ambient Light: < 10-50 LUX

  5. Working Temperature: -20 ~+45 °C

  6. Working Humidity: < 95% RH

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